How TowerMate Works

TowerMate is not a non-chemical device (NCD) as most chemical treaters would classify it.  Rather, TowerMate is a non-chemical system (NCS).  TowerMate actually marries three or four technologies (depending on application)-a Germicide Generator, a Solids Separator, a Magnetic Field Generator, and a supplemental oxidizer (if needed for human consumption applications).

Electronic Germicide Generator

The Electronic Germicide Generator is controlled by a computer chip…a technology originally developed by NASA.  As conductive water in the system passes over proprietary electrodes, it accepts charged molecules, or ions.  And unlike UV, ozone, and all other oxidizers, these ions provide long-lasting residual protection.

When circulating in the flowing cooling system water, the charged ions are attracted to other molecules.  When these ions become attached to algae, bacteria, and viruses, the cells die within minutes.  The dead algae, bacteria, and virus cells, now much larger, are easily filtered out of the water.  Even Legionnaires’ Disease is eliminated.

Magnetic De-Scaler and Corrosion Inhibitor

Scale is caused when minerals dissolved in water precipitate out of solution, forming a hard mineral coating (calcite) on heat transfer surfaces and pipes. The TowerMate system employs intense magnetic fields which cause calcite to revert to aragonite, its natural form. This prevents scale formation and, in fact, de-scales existing surfaces without making the water corrosive.

Corrosive water is characterized by an excess of hydrogen ions. The TowerMate system neutralizes this excess and buffers the pH, eliminating general corrosion and the galvanic corrosion (pitting) that it can cause. Chemically, the water will appear scaling (the opposite of corrosive), but physical forces prevent scale formation.

Solids-From-Liquid Separator

This element of the TowerMate system provides continual removal, down to 40 microns, of sand, silt, pollen, and debris that enter via air and makeup water flow. It also traps the scale that is removed from heat transfer surfaces. The separator contains no filter medium, and there are no moving parts. No backwashing is required, either. Accumulated solids are automatically purged periodically with a water loss of only 1-4 quarts.

Water Management Through Physics, Not Chemistry